Sweeping for Parking Lots and Streets

• Parking lots, streets, municipalities, construction sites, seasonal events
• Runway and Airport sweeping services

How does our service help your business?

- Sweeping prolongs the life of the pavement and maintains the integrity of parking lines. Routine sweeping expenses cost far less than replacing pavement.

Why Sweeping South Inc?

- Power sweeping keeps storm drains clean to reduce flooding. Removing built-up sand helps to conform with the   CLEAN WATER ACT.
- Our fleet of regenerative air power sweepers is consistently maintained to ensure optimum top-level performance.
- Sweeping South Inc. is locally owned and operated with expert drivers.
- We offer free needs assessment based on your location and environmental conditions. Let us tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Serving all Industrial Complexes!
"Always Get A Good Night's Sweep,
with Sweeping South"